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The American Dually™ Goat Registry, LLC was established to provide a registry for breeders of the American Dually™. The ADGR is committed to the education and promotion of the Dually as  

The Best Dual-Purpose Goat.


The American Dually™ was bred to be the perfect

dual-purpose goat for any homesteader or suburban goat owner who seeks to raise

a midsize option for their herd.


The Dually can satisfy the desire for high

quality milk and efficient meat production based

on their feed to growth ratio with careful

breeding practices.

Learn more why the American Dually™ is

The Best Dual-Purpose Goat.

How Does A Goat Become a Dually

Simply put, an American Dually™ is the progeny of a registered

Pygmy buck x a registered Nubian doe that has been registered

with the American Dually™ Goat Registry, LLC.

So how do you get your first American Dually™?

  • Purchase a registered American Dually™

  • Register a "native on appearance" American Dually™ as Grade

  • Breed a registered Pygmy buck to a registered Nubian doe and register their offspring with the ADGR

You can also register your Kinders™ .

What's better than dual registration!

Consider a Lifetime Membership


Lifetime memberships are the perfect long-term investment for members who see value in the American Dually™ breed. It offers a permanent membership with no annual dues, free registration of their first fifteen goats,

a Lifetime Herd Name and Tattoo,

plus so much more! 


ADGR also offers the opportunity for annual members to upgrade their membership throughout the year. If you joined as an annual membership and decide you'd like to upgrade to the Lifetime membership and apply your $25 membership fee, send us an email! We'd love to help you.

Exclusive ADGR Member Benefits 

 We are excited to share with you a very special feature.   

 ADGR members will be able to enter our comprehensive resource center where they will have quick and easy access to a variety of topics and information that are

essential and beneficial to every goat owner.

Click the image of interest below, Sign into the Back Office... 

Enjoy the Information!

*NOTE* We are working on this amazing feature and plan to have it ready

for you in the coming days.  All members will receive an email once the update is ready.

Image by Kyle Mackie
Image by Jasmin Ne
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