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About the ADGR

The American Dually™ Goat Registry is for breeders who raise the dual-purpose American Dually™.

The Dually is the progeny* of a registered Nubian doe with a registered Pygmy buck. 

The progeny of the first generation, as well as their descendants, have been bred to excel in both

quality milk and meat production, while maintaining a mid-size conformation and

a quiet, gentle and friendly temperament.


ADGR is a registry that is governed by the Co-Founders. Changes in breed standards, scorecards,

and other rules influencing the character of the American Dually™ or the registry will be addressed

as the needs arise.


Membership in ADGR entitles each member to reduced fees and a multitude of benefits. 

If desired, our members are able to be listed in the ADGR Breeders Network

that will be posted on the ADGR website.  


Another service provided by ADGR are Special Certifications for goats who meet the minimum

standards on Production Tests for Meat and Growth.  New DHIA and Virtual Milk Testing Programs with requirements specific to the Dually are in current development.

Our Breeding Up Program* offers an additional option for members interested in breeding up their

non-registered herd to be recognized as an American Dually™.  

More information can be found in the American Dually™ herdbook and on our website.

ADGR's new Evaluation Program, in the development stage, will give breeders another tool

to use in developing their American Dually™.


ADGR represents a strong, committed group of breeders who appreciate

the need for a proven productive dual-purpose goat breed.

Our Promise to all members is to support them with technology, up to date software and data,

marketing, easy to use pedigrees and recognition for tracking milk,

meat yields and growth rates.

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