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Certificates are issued based on information provided to the ADGR by the owner and are intended for documentation purposes only. It should not be considered an indication of present and/or future value of the animal that it describes. The Registry takes no responsibility for the issuance of any certificate of pedigree based on inaccurate information furnished by the applicant of registration.


First and Last Name, eg. John Doe

Sex ; Horned Options (please select 2; pick 3 if cull)

Registration Costs:

Cull Goat: $2.50

Doe or Wether under 1 year: $5

Doe or Wether over 1 year: $10

Buck under 1 year: $7

Buck over 1 year: $12

If you are registering a goat from another registry, such as a Kinder, fill out the above form and the registrar will reach out for copies of their KGBA certificates (for pedigree tracking).

Once you've submitted your form, click on the button below to make a payment based on the registration you're selecting.

Thank you for joining the ADGR!

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