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american duallY goat mentorship program


Goat ownership can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It’s full of laughter at their antics, adoration at their kiddings, excitement as you watch your baby goats grow up, and pride as you improve your herd genetics over the years. It can also be incredibly overwhelming when you are first starting out. We want to help our members not only succeed as breeders but thrive! Part of the registry is our goat mentorship program, and it is open to all members. The program was created as a way for the more experienced members to offer their knowledge and experiences as a mentorship to our newer, less experienced members.

While we offer our members as extensive resource center for questions they may have while raising their herd, there is nothing more valuable than having a person you can reach out to and exchange questions, concerns, photos, etc. Members who are either interested in becoming a mentor or finding a mentor can fill out the form below. We will keep a directory of mentors who can choose to reach out to requests for their mentorship. The success of our Registry is dependent on all of our members succeeding themselves. The program is here to help create a supportive, encouraging community of American Dually™ breeders.

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