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Why the american dually

The American Dually is a midsize, dual-purpose goat that has proven qualities that can benefit every goat owner. It is the progeny of a registered Pygmy buck and a registered Nubian doe. 


The American Dually can be the perfect goat for both the small suburban "Backyard" owner or the larger acreage "Homesteader".  The Dually is an excellent choice if your goal is to have delicious fresh tasting milk daily or if you're looking for milk with a good amount of butterfat for your cheese production.  For those wanting an efficient food to growth ratio* for meat and market sales... the Dually is able to meet those needs too*.


American Duallies are excellent mothers with the milk capacity* to support the growth of multiple kids while being incredibly nurturing, attentive, and affectionate.  A Dually doe is known

to kid easily with an average of 2 to 3 kids per kidding.  Perhaps one of the favorite qualities of the American Dually is their gentle temperament which can make them easier to handle

when paired with their midsize.

So why add the American Dually to your herd? Because they are The Best Dual-Purpose Goat

if you're looking for production in both milk or meat, plus so much more.

*All statements above make no claims on every Amerian Dually, but have been found to be true and accurate when proper breeding practices have been implemented.

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