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Vision statement

The American Dually™ Goat Registry, LLC was created for its fabulous members

 as much as it was for their incredible goats.


We believe Dually breeders should have information, support, resources and a network of like-minded breeders available to them so each one can set and achieve the goals they desire for their herd.  


We believe with intentional breeding, tracking milk production, growth rates and meat yields, the American Dually™ will prove itself as The Best Dual-Purpose goat available.


We believe the American Dually's™ gentle, calm and quiet temperament, makes it the perfect choice for the newest breeder as well as the most experienced goat owner.


Our love and belief in the American Dually™ goat drives us daily to give it the place, value and recognition it deserves so it can be credited for the contribution it makes everyday to its breeders and their families across America.

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