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The breeding up program was created to offer a path to registering non-registered stock. The American Dually™ Goat Registry, LLC offers two herdbooks of registration: a standard herdbook for grade and standard stock and a closed purebred handbook.

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Breeding up herdbook program

The ADGR offers a breeding up program for those who own Native on Appearance (NOA) American Dually™ goats without registration paperwork. If a doe meets the breed standards and is accompanied with a signed written statement certifying its conformance to standards, it can be recorded as a grade doe. A recorded grade doe is given a brown registration certificate at the same cost as a standard registration (bucks cannot be recorded as grade).

A grade doe can then be bred to a registered purebred American Dually™. Her offspring will be 50% Standard American Dually™, her granddaughter would be considered 75% Standard American Dually™, Her great-granddaughter would be considered 100% Standard American Dually™ and would qualify for a blue certificate with the designation as “Standard.” Does qualify for the Standard designation after 3 generations of ancestors who conformed to breed standard; bucks qualify after 4 generations of ancestors who conformed to breed standard.





Purebred – the offspring of a purebred American Dually™ sire and purebred American Dually ™ dam that conforms to breed standards. The ADGR maintains a closed purebred herdbook.

Standard – the offspring of a sire and dam of the same breed that conforms to breed standards and also has the correct number of consecutive generations of ancestors who conformed to breed standards (minimum 3 generations for does and 4 for bucks).


Recorded Grade  – Does who do not qualify for either the Purebred or American herd books. (bucks can      only be recorded as Standard, not grade)


Grade Doe A x Registered Buck B

Grade Doe AB (50% Standard) x Registered Buck C

Grade Doe ABC (75% Standard) x Registered Buck D

Standard Doe ABCD (100% Standard, 4th generation offspring)

(text color denotes the certificate color the offspring would qualify for)

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